Siri does not understand or process my request properly

If you're having trouble getting Siri to recognize “Due” in your language, or if Siri is not processing your request as you've expected, I'd like to get some info from you to file a bug report with Apple. These reports can help Apple improve their parsing and recognition of your requests in future.

If you're willing to help, I'd need:

  1. a voice sample what you said to Siri (via Voice Memos app),
  2. what Siri actually interpreted it as (in text, and with screenshot or screen recording),
  3. what you actually said (in text),
  4. your iPhone language setting (Settings > General > Language & Region > iPhone Language, tap on it to see the full language name),
  5. your iPhone region setting (Settings > General > Language & Region > Region),
  6. your Siri language setting (Settings > Siri & Search > Language),
  7. your iOS version number (Settings > General > About > Software Version),
  8. your iPhone model name (Settings > General > About > Model Name)

The best way to send me 1 and 2 that would be to create:

  1. a screen recording of your request to Siri (or a screenshot of the result of your request to Siri), and
  2. a voice recording of your request to Siri separately.

Two separate recordings are necessary because it is not possible to capture the microphone input when Siri is active during screen recording. As such, you'd need to separately record your voice through the voice memo app. Try your best to make your voice recording as similar as possible to what you said during the actual screen recording with Siri.

You can file the bug report by following the template below. A sample bug report would look like:

  1. (attach voice sample recorded using Voice
  2. "Using to euro remind me to fetch my son at 5:20 pm" (attaching a screenshot or screen recording of the request & result).
  3. "Using Due remind me to fetch my son at 5:20 pm"
  4. iPhone language: English (Singapore)
  5. iPhone region: Singapore
  6. Siri language: English (Singapore)
  7. iOS version number: 13.3
  8. iPhone model name: iPhone Xs

Thank you for your help!