Using Siri Shortcuts to Add Reminders to Due

There are now two methods to use Siri to directly add reminders to Due.

The first is the SiriKit method introduced in Due 3.2. Although it still works, it is no longer the recommended method. It involves telling Siri a phrase like “Using Due, remind me to call John at 9 AM.” This method had its share of problems; depending on your language setting, it can range from difficult to almost impossible to get Siri to recognise the word “Due”. There is also no way to “teach” Siri how to interpret “Due” correctly. Finally, it does not work on the Apple Watch.

The second method, introduced in 20.5, uses Siri Shortcuts. It allows you to choose a custom phrase to use Siri to create reminders in Due, and it works on the Apple Watch. Hence, it is now the recommended way to make use of Siri to create reminders in Due, and the focus of this article.

There are two parts to using a Siri Shortcut: one, a trigger phrase, and two, the shortcut itself. It involves first saying the trigger phrase to Siri, which will then run the shortcut.

The trigger phrase is the name of the shortcut that you've provided when setting it up. Unlike the SiriKit method, the trigger phrase used to run a shortcut can be customized and personalized. 

What Due provides you with is the shortcut. When the shortcut is triggered by your trigger phrase, it prompts you “What is it about?”

It is here that you tell Siri about your reminder, along with any due date, e.g. “Call John at 9 AM”. Due will parse what you’ve said and create that reminder in Due directly, e.g. “Call John”, set to the next available 9 AM.

Here’s a video showing how to set up and use a Siri shortcut to create reminders in Due:

You can set up this shortcut following the steps as demonstrated in the video, or as described below:

1. Launch "Shortcuts" app on your iPhone or iPad.
2. In "My Shortcuts" tab , tap "+" button in the upper-right corner.
3. Tap "Add Action".
4. Tap on the search field, then search for "Ask for Input".
5. Tap on the result "Ask for Input" under "Actions".
6. Tap on "Prompt" parameter and type in a prompt, such as "What is it about?"
7. Add another action by tapping on the "+" button below.
8. Tap on the search field, then search for "Due".
9. Tap on "Due" under "Apps".
10. Tap on "Create Reminder".
11. Give the shortcut a custom name by tapping on the "…" button to open Details, then tap the "Shortcut Name" and type a new name.
12. Turn on "Show on Apple Watch".
13. Customize the shortcut icon or color if desired by tapping on the Icon next to the shortcut name.
14. Tap "Done" to save your changes.
15. Tap "Done" again to return to the shortcut editor.
16. Tap "Done" again to save your new shortcut.
17. Optionally force-quit Shortcuts app. This can help ensure that iOS recognize the shortcut name that you've chosen earlier.

Note: This shortcut uses an optional "Ask for Input" scripting action to pass your input to the shortcut. Although not required, this allows you to use the shortcut on watchOS 7 devices hands-free.

Why Are There Multiple Actions For Due In The Shortcuts App? Which Action Should I Choose?

Back before Due 20.5, Shortcuts app included a legacy shortcut for creating reminders in Due, named “Add Due Reminder”. The legacy shortcut made use of URL scheme to create reminders in Due. This causes Siri to launch Due, and requires further interaction from you before the reminder can be added.

With native Siri Shortcuts support in 20.5 or later, reminders can be added to Due directly without having to launch Due, and without the need for further user interaction. Siri shortcuts also allow you to personalize the trigger phrase. It also works on your Apple Watch when your paired iPhone is connected.

Due includes two shortcuts which you can find in Shortcuts app:

  1. Create Reminder
  2. Create Repeating Reminder

Most of the time, you’d be looking for the action “Create Reminder”.