Family Sharing: “This app is no longer shared with you.”

If you have installed Due from another family member's account through Family Sharing, you may unexpectedly find yourself unable to launch Due with the error message:

This app is no longer shared with you.
To use it, you must buy it from the App Store.

The first most important thing is to not delete the app. If you do this without having set up sync with Dropbox or iCloud within Due > Settings > Sync before, you will lose all your data in Due.

You can attempt to resolve this issue by following this guide to Offload and Reinstall Due.

  1. Go to iOS Settings > General > iPhone Storage.
  2. You will see all of your apps listed, sorted by how much space each app takes.
  3. Tap on Due and then select Offload App.

This allows you to remove the app from your iPhone, while retaining all of your documents and data associated with the app. When you next tap on Due icon on your home screen, it will reinstall Due from the App Store.

If that does not resolve the problem, verify that the original purchaser is still sharing apps with you. Follow the steps listed under "Check your purchase sharing settings" on the original purchaser device to verify. This needs to be enabled for you to have access to the app under Family Sharing.

There are a few other things to note:

  1. Family Sharing is a feature provided solely by Apple through the App Store.
  2. Third-party apps are automatically enrolled into Family Sharing, and there is no way to opt out of it. There is nothing third-party developers can do to support, or not support, Family Sharing.
  3. When you encounter this problem, it is likely that all other apps that have been downloaded through Family Sharing will fail to launch with the same error message.
  4. Unfortunately, if you contact Apple Support with this problem, they will direct you back to third-party developers, who cannot do anything to resolve this bug in Apple's system.
  5. Family Sharing cannot share in-app purchases or subscriptions.
  6. You can always sign in to the purchaser's account to download the app directly from the purchaser's App Store account. It is a lot more reliable than Family Sharing.

If the steps above do not resolve your issue, you need to contact Apple for help.