Using Siri to Add and Find Reminders in Due Directly (Deprecated)

⚠️ Note: Although the following method still works, it is no longer the recommended way to use Siri to create reminders in Due. Please read Using Siri Shortcuts to Add Reminders to Due for the current recommendation.


New in 3.3, you can now ask Siri to add reminders directly to Due on your iPhone. You'll first need to give Siri permission to access data in Due in Due > Settings > Use with Siri, or in iOS Settings > Siri & Search > Due > Use with Siri.

Once permission has been granted, you can use the following phrases to add reminders to Due:

  • “Remind me about laundry in one hour with Due app.”
  • Using Due, remind me to call John tomorrow at 9 am.”

You will need to use phrases like “using Due (app)”, “with Due (app)” in front or at the end of your requests for Siri to route the requests to Due.

You can also use Siri to search for reminders in Due with the following phrases:

  • “Show me all reminders for today in Due.”
  • “Find reminders about John using Due.”

These phrases varies from language to language. For sample phrases in your language, please tap on the help icon (?) at the lower-left corner of the screen after summoning Siri.

💡 Tip

You may find that Siri has trouble interpreting the word ‘Due’ correctly, either in English or other languages. For example, it may be misinterpreted as ‘you’ In English. Unfortunately third-party apps have no way to control how Siri interprets your speech. You can help Apple improve the recognition by providing me with some information of your failed requests.

If Siri has trouble understanding ‘Due’, you can also try deleting the default from your iPhone appears to make Due the default app to handle reminder requests from Siri (thanks @paranoidpookie for the tip). Your data remains safe and accessible to third-party apps. You won‘t however be able to use Siri to add reminders on Apple Watch. Note that this workaround is not a documented feature by Apple, and may not always work correctly, or may not work in future.

Due provides alternative app names for some languages that can be especially difficult for Siri to correctly interpret ‘Due’. You can use these alternative app names in lieu of ‘Due’ to refer to Due in the following languages:

  • Chinese (Simplified): 独优
  • Japanese: ドユー

If you have ideas for alternative app names for Due in your language, please contact me with your suggestions.

⚠️ Known Limitations

  • Adding and finding reminders using Siri is not available on Apple Watch. This is because of a technical limitation where the watchOS Siri counterpart cannot directly communicate with the iOS app to schedule the necessary notifications. You can continue to use the indirect Auto Import method to add reminders to Due on the Apple Watch.
  • Reminders added with Siri may not immediately sync to other devices.