iOS 10: Unable to snooze or mark done from Lock Screen

The Lock Screen has changed in iOS 10.

In iOS 9, swiping across a reminder notification from right to left reveals up to two Interactive Notification actions. By default, they allow you to postpone your reminder, or mark it complete.

In iOS 10, depending on the device that you use, the same swiping action now displays either View and Clear on non-3D Touch devices, or just Clear on 3D Touch devices.

To access the Interactive Notification actions, you'll need to follow the steps below, depending on the device that you use.

Non-3D Touch Devices (e.g. iPhone 5, 5s, SE, 6, 6s)

Swipe from right to left across the notification. Tap on the View button to reveal the notification actions.

Slide the notification from right to left, then tap on View button to reveal notification actions

3D Touch Devices (e.g. iPhone 6s, 7)

Press firmly (i.e. 3D Touch) on the notification to reveal the notification actions.

Press firmly on the notification to reveal the notification actions