Already paid for upgrade, but asked to unlock again

If you've purchased Due before version 2.0, certain 2.x features require a one-time upgrade fee to unlock. You'll be prompted to purchase the upgrade should you access any of the five following features:

  1. 5, 10, 15, 30 mins auto snooze
  2. Background sync with Dropbox
  3. Choosing any of the 45 new alert tones
  4. Pausing and resuming timers
  5. Auto import iOS Reminders

If you've purchased Due at version 2.0 or later, all features are available to you for free without any additional in-app purchase.


If you're asked to unlock the new features despite having paid for the upgrade before, or if you've purchased Due 2.0 or later, you might be missing a receipt when Due was updated from the App Store, or when updating iOS, or when restoring your phone from a backup.

To restore your purchase, tap on "Restore Purchase". If nothing seems to happen after restoring, tap on the "Unlock $" button to let iOS refresh your previous purchase. If you've purchased the upgrade before, iOS will inform you that you've purchased the item before, and will unlock all 2.x features for free. You will not be charged more than once for the purchase of the in-app purchase.