What's New in 2.0.2

Version 2.0.2 is released on February 17, 2015, and includes the following changes.

Fixes the bugs:

  • Freezing after resuming app with ‘Sync at Launch’ disabled (thanks Yuriy K, Peter Weibel)
  • Crash when parsing date and time on devices using 24-hour clock regions (thanks Gary Swann)
  • Swiping to save not automatically updating recurrence when possible
  • Default from-now due date keeps getting applied to the new reminder in search-create mode with every key press (thanks Florian)
  • Presenting the wrong reminder when resuming Due from a notification
  • Crash when resuming Due from a notification
  • Localization issues (thanks Michiel Houtman, Michal Szaj)

Adds support for:

  • Swipe to Recycle to preset dates in Logbook
  • Parsing the pattern “in 10 days at 8 am” (thanks Damion Berv)
  • Relative date parsing (e.g. “in 10 days”, “in 3 hours”) for German, Italian, Russian, Simplified and Traditional Chinese